Reflections Of A Dominant
The Punishment

She was in fucking trouble this time. He had caught her dead to rights and there was no way she could deny it - the proof was right there on the computer and he had taken a screenshot to prove it!

Michael had left home that morning the same as usual. Sarah, his wife and submissive, had got up and fixed breakfast for him, gave him a kiss goodbye, and promised to behave herself and get her work done before he got home that night. He had told her he had something special in store for her - and now he had something REALLY special in store for her! He had been thinking about his surprise and how he would pull it off, when he realized that he forgot an important work file at home on the computer.

"No problem," he thought as he pulled up to the office, "I installed that program that allows me to access my home computer from work. I’ll just call up the file from my desk."

So once he got to the office and sat down at his desk, he opened the program and began looking for the file he had forgotten. That’s when he found something on the home computer that shouldn’t have been there.

Michael could hardly believe his eyes. Yet there it was. Right in front of him. Buried in the Temporary Internet Files was several files leading to chat conversations between Sarah and someone named DarkMaster59.

"What the fuck is this?" he said aloud to himself. He looked through the conversations and although he couldn’t see what they were saying, the fact that she had talked to him on several occasions over the past couple weeks was enough for him! He made a screenshot of the Temporary Internet Files containing the conversations she had had and put it on his flash drive to call her on it later that night.

He went on about the day, but kept her in the back of his mind throughout the day. He envisioned in his mind what they may have been talking about. Was she secretly chatting with him? What about? Was she thinking of leaving him? His mind conjured up all sorts of possibilities. She had been telling him that she wanted to do other things that he had yet to do with her. Maybe she got tired of waiting for him to take her there? Maybe she didn’t think he was such a good Master after all? The thoughts that ran through his mind were troubling at best and terrible at the worst.

By the time he got home, his mind was awash in troubling possibilities. But he sat in the car in the garage for a couple minutes calming himself down, trying to convince himself that it was just his imagination working on him. She was happy with him. He knew that. She had given him no outward signs of discontent. There were no fights and no heated arguments. Everything was fine. So why did he feel like his world was about to explode?

He went into the house and just as sure as the day was done, she was waiting for him, just like always. As he opened the door, the smell of dinner cooking hit his nostrils. She came around the corner with a bright sparkling smile.

"Hello, Master! Welcome home!" and she kissed him just like she always did.

"Dinner will be ready in a few minutes. How was your day?" she said cheerfully.

"It was ok." he replied absentmindedly. She helped him take off his jacket and then dutifully knelt down to remove his shoes. He went into his office and turned on the computer. He looked for what he was intending to talk to her about after dinner. He found the items in question then turned off the monitor, saving the page without showing what it displayed.

"Master! Dinner is ready!" she called from the dining room. He left the computer as it was and went in to eat dinner. It was one of his favorite meals - a nice, thick New York steak, baby red potatoes, and broccoli in cheese sauce. A nice glass of wine along with it. Yes, it was quite a nice meal. He pulled out her chair as he always did and seated her then sat down himself. He began to eat, she waited until he had taken his first bite before beginning just as he had taught her. So far, everything was going as normal.

"So…tell me, Sarah, who is DarkMaster 59?" he asked just as she took a sip of her wine.

"Gawck!" she choked, then sputtered "Huh? How! Who Master?" she tried to cover her shock innocently.

"Don’t play games with me subbie! You heard me! Now who is DarkMaster59?"

"I..I don’t know any Dark Master 59!"she said.

He jumped up from the table so fast he knocked the chair over behind him. He moved swiftly around the table to her side. Sarah, fearing he would hit her, raised her hands to protect herself. Michael grabbed her wrist and began walking quickly toward the study, jerking Sarah to her feet and causing her to stumble and almost fall as she scrambled to keep up with him. He half-walked/half-dragged her to the study and threw her down into the chair. Grabbing her by the hair at the back of her head with one hand, he turned on the dark computer monitor with the other.

"Would you like to see the chat conversation record, my dear? Because I have it called up here on the computer!" he said as the monitor flickered to life.

As the screen brightened, she saw the record of her transgression glaring back at her, condemning her.

"Oh Master! Oh please! I am sorry! Oh please!" she jumped up from the computer desk to drop to her knees at his feet. She knelt there at his feet with her head down and her body shaking. He reached down and grabbed a handful of her long dark hair and hauled her head up and back. He looked into her terrified eyes.

"Have you been talking to other Masters without my permission, subbie?" he asked, his voice raising.

"Y..yes…Master." she said. "I am so sorry!"

"You know the rules. I have told you I didn’t want you speaking to other Masters. And I have good reason for it. I do not want your mind straying from the way I teach you. You start talking to other Masters and listen to how they want their submissives to act and it starts you thinking that’s how YOU should act. Well maybe I don’t want what other Masters want. I have spent a long time training you the way I want you to act and behave.
Another reason I do not want you talking to other Masters is that you may get the idea that they would be better suited for you. Maybe they will do more of the things you want and you might get the idea of leaving me for them.”

"Oh no! Master I would nev…"she said quickly.

"QUIET! I did not give you permission to speak!" he said cutting her off in mid-sentence. "You see, already you have gotten bad habits! You have talked to other Masters, you have lied to me, and now you interrupt me when I am lecturing you! My, my, what a rude and insubordinate subbie I have on my hands!"

Sarah just sat still and hung her head. She knew that she was in trouble for this one. She could not talk her way out or plead her way out.

"Well what have you to say for yourself, subbie?" Sarah knew that when he called her subbie, that he meant business - he only used that word when he was angry with her. Normally, "kitten" was his pet name for her when he was happy with her.

"I…I’m sorry Master." That was all she could say. She knew there was no excuse, no reason that would explain her offense. She had broken his rule and there was no getting around that.

"What did you two conspirators talk about?

"Nothing, Master! Really! I..I.." she protested.

"NOTHING? All these conversations over NOTHING?" he said, raising his voice

"I.. I’m sorry. I’m so sorry, Master." she said shaking as she knelt there. She had never seen him so mad…and it scared her.

"Get up to the bedroom and go to your corner. You stand there in that corner and think about what you have done. And you wait there until I come up with a punishment suitable for this offense. If you so much as look around, I swear I will.."

"Yes, Master. I won’t. I promise." she said not wanting him to finish his statement.

"Go!" he said then pointing upstairs. Sarah left quickly, not wanting to anger him any further. She scampered up the stairs and he could hear her enter the bedroom and shut the door behind her. Michael went into the front room to calm down.

"How could she have done this? How could she have disobeyed me so treacherously?" he thought to himself.

He just sat there numb, trying to figure out some reason for her actions. This was more than just mere disobedience - that he would punish and get over. But THIS? This was outright treason! Michael sat on the couch in stunned silence for almost two hours before he finally decided to get up and go upstairs. He still had no idea what he would do with her, or what kind of punishment this great an offense would require, but he had to confront her and find out why.

He entered the room and Sarah heard the door open. She kept her face to the wall though, waiting scared and trembling as he approached her from behind. He stood behind her for a few moments watching her. He couldn’t for the life of him figure out what had happened to the beautiful creature he had known and loved so very much.

"Turn around and face me." he commanded sternly. Sarah turned slowly and stood backed into the corner with a frightened look in her eyes.

"You have broken one of my most important rules. Sarah. You knew that you were not to speak to other Doms without my permission and why I made that rule. Yet you went behind my back to blatantly disobey me. Not only did you break a cardinal rule, but you lied to my face about it as well."

"Yes, Master."

"Well, have you anything to say for yourself?"

"No, Master." she said hanging her head again.

"Very well then. I have no choice but to punish you for this offense."

"Yes, Master."

"Come on then. We might as well get this over with." Michael took the girl by the arm and marched her down the stairs to the living room.

"Lay over the coffee table." he told her. She did as he said, kneeling over the table and putting her chest and head down on the top of the table. Michael went and got some ropes and secured her wrists to the far end of the table. Then he used another rope wrapped three or four times around her thighs and secured at each end to the side of the table she knelt at. A third rope went from one side over the small of her back to the other side and back a couple passes to hold her down onto the table firmly. With the girl secured to the table, he retrieved a few implements he would need to punish her. He brought in a wooden paddle, a riding crop, and a twin tailed quirt. He also brought in a butt plug for later use.

"Now you have been caught chatting to other Doms, even though you knew it was against the rules. In addition, you lied to my face about this breach of the rules. This is what you are being punished for. Do you understand, sub?"

"Yes, Master."

He took up the paddle to begin with. The paddle of choice was 16 inches long, 4 inches wide and an half inch thick. It was made of plywood sanded smooth and had rounded edges. It was built to last - and outlast a sub’s ass! Standing to her left side, he raised the paddle.

Crack! The paddle landed it’s first of many blows on her ass. Sarah screeched as her ass caught fire.

Crack! A second blow and her other cheek ignited as well. Sarah laid there open-mouthed for a second trying to scream but it wouldn’t come out at first. Finally she found her voice.

Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Four more blows landed in rapid succession, two on each of her inflamed ass cheeks. Her ass was starting to glow a nice healthy pink shade now and she was squirming and twisting in her bonds.

Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Another four blows landed with no time lapse between them and Sarah was now screaming at the top of her lungs

"Please, Master! Oh, Please!" she screeched.

He brought the paddle down six more times on her ass, now a glowing red and hot to the touch. Sarah had stopped screaming as much now, her ass having gone almost numb from the searing pain. She felt the impact but the pain had strangely turned for her. She was actually raising her ass, as much as she could given her bounds, in an effort to reach out for the paddle!

Michael noticed her new attraction to the paddle and he thought he could see the glint of her wet pussy between her legs.

He added another four blows to her ass using the paddle to complete that part of her punishment. Sarah’s ass was a brilliant red hue now and so hot he could feel the heat some distance away from it! He let her lay there and smolder as he picked up the crop and flexed it a bit. He knew that this would bring her to a whole new level of pain. He drew back the evil device

"Whap!" What once was numb flesh now came alive once more as Sarah screamed once again.

"OHMYGOD NO!!!! OH PLEASE! OH FUUUCK!!" a bright red line now laid across her rosy ass cheek where the crop had landed.

"Whap!"  He struck again with the crop.

"PLEASE MICHAEL! OH GOD PLEASE NO MORE!" she screamed as she kicked her legs futilely. A second red stripe joined the first one.

As much as he would have liked to call a stop to the whole thing now and swept up his poor battered submissive in his arms, he knew that the only way she would learn her lesson would be if he went through with the whole agonizing ordeal. So ignoring her please for mercy, he continued his work.

"Whap!" "Whap!" "Whap!" "Whap!" "Whap!" "Whap!" His crop fell again and again across her ass and down the backs of her soft thighs. He couldn’t be gentle with her - to do so would make this punishment pointless and only lead to yet another. He had to stay strong…for her.

Two more lashes with the crop and he was done. Sarah’s ass looked like a roadmap, with angry red streaks criss-crossing her cheeks on a bright pink background from the paddles’ work.

Sarah was blubbering and sobbing for him to stop, but he had one more step to get through. And it would prove the hardest of the all. But before this final abuse could take place, he had one additional thing for her.

Michael picked up the large butt plug and leaned forward. He shoved a finger into her rectum and worked it around as Sarah squealed at this newest assault. When he thought she had loosened up just a bit, he spit on her tight puckered asshole and unceremoniously shoved the butt plug fully into her until it stopped at the base of the plug. Sarah gasped and then groaned as she felt it fill her ass.

Once the plug was full seated in Sarah’s ass, Michael stood back up and picked up the last painful implement - the riding quirt. This particular quirt was a twin tailed one, 27 inches long with the last 10 inches of it consisting of hard rubber tails designed to inflict intense stinging pain. This was the most severe item in Michael’s arsenal and something Sarah had never experienced…until now.

Michael stood over his Sarah for a couple moments. He didn’t want to do this. He hated that he had to do this. But if he didn’t, she would not have learned her lesson. He had to struggle through it. Michael drew his arm back and summoning all the intestinal fortitude he could muster, let the quirt fly.

Sarah’s eyes widened and her mouth opened. For several seconds not a sound was heard except the echo of the quirt landing on bruised and battered ass flesh. Suddenly another sound, a sound that Michael had never heard before or ever wanted to hear again came from deep within the bound girl. It was a scream - a primal, animalistic scream of pain beyond description. Michael let the quirt fly again and for the second time Sarah lost her mind. Michael drew back again and again until he had struck her six times with the vicious implement. Sarah had no more left in her, she laid on the table in silent suffering. Michael looked at what he had done to his beloved for many moments. Sarah’s ass was aflame, angry red with purple stripes where the crop had landed and a red mesh of lines where the twin tails of the quirt marked her.

Michael knelt down beside her and untied her, releasing her from her position on the table and helping her to her feet. He steadied her for a moment, looking at her face and seeing the tears she had shed. Once she was stable on her feet, he directed her upstairs.

"Now, I have set this timer for you. Take it upstairs to your corner and don’t you come out until it goes off. Do you understand me?"

Sarah nodded her head slowly and taking the timer turned to go upstairs as she was told. Michael went into the study and closed the door.

An hour later, the timer went off and Sarah came downstairs slowly, looking for her Master. Not finding him in the living room she went to the study. She softly knocked on the door and not hearing an answer she carefully opened it and peeked inside.

Michael was sitting at the desk with his back to the door. Sarah came in and softly walked up to him.

"Master?" she said softly.

He turned around and stood up, taking her in his arms. She laid her cheek against his and felt an unfamiliar wetness that she hadn’t felt before. He had been crying. She opened her eyes and just over his should she saw the two halves of a broken paddle laying on the computer desk.

"Sarah," he said pulling away from her for a moment. "Please tell me why you did this. Why did you seek out this other Master and chat with him, when you knew it was against the rules?"

"Master…I did it because I wanted to know how to please you more." she said softly, looking at him and searching his tear filled eyes.

"What do you mean?"

"I wanted to ask him what he had his submissives do that pleased him so I could do the same for you, Master."

"Sarah! Why didn’t you tell me this before - I wouldn’t have had to do this to you!"

"Master…I broke the rules. It does not matter why I did it. I broke the rules. I needed to be punished. Thank you for correcting me. It won’t happen again."

Michael looked at Sarah and saw the love for him in her eyes. But more than love. She saw forgiveness for what he had done to her. Sarah knew that he had whipped her like this because he loved her. Strange as it may seem, he did it because he cared. And she knew it.

"Come with me." he said and he took her hand. they walked back upstairs and he gently laid her on the bed face down. "Stay here, I will be right back.". He went into the bathroom and returned moments later with a basin of cold water and a washcloth. He soaked the washcloth in the cold water and then laid it gently on her still hot ass. The soothing water helped ease the pain and the redness began to disappear.

"Thank you, Master." Sarah said.

He leaned over her and kissed her softly on the cheek.

"I love you, Sarah. I never want to do something like this to you again."

"I know, Master. And I’m sorry you had to do it this time. And I love you too."

Michael sat with her for the rest of the night, caring for her and tending to her poor, battered ass. It wasn’t until the early hours of the next morning that he felt she was well enough that he could lay next to her without risking hurting her some more. He did lay with her then with her cradled in his arms, she fell asleep. Michael stayed awake though, for fear that in his sleep he might touch her sore ass. He could sleep later. He wanted to make sure she was all right and that she recovered fully. He stayed awake and alert and watched her until morning.

He really did love her. And now more so than ever.

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